Public Health Approach to Violence Reduction—The Cure Violence Model

The Cure Violence Health Model applies the methodologies associated with the control of disease outbreaks: interrupting transmission of the disease, reducing the risk of the highest risk, and changing community norms. By viewing violence as contagious and treating it using a health approach, this model has proven effective in reducing violence in multiple jurisdictions across the country and internationally. The overall goal of this webinar is to educate through discussion how violence is an epidemic that can be prevented. This webinar will explore the science behind the Cure Violence Health Model and lessons learned from jurisdictions implementing the Cure Violence Health Model to reducing crime and violence. Make it Happen (Crown Heights, New York), a community-based violence reduction initiative is based on the Model. In the webinar, we will also examine the rationale of the Make it Happen initiative; the implementation strategy; and some of the lessons learned, successes, and challenges.