Group Violence Reduction Strategy: 4 Case Studies of Swift and Meaningful Law Enforcement Responses

The publication captures examples of successful and creative law enforcement responses to group violence as carried out by police departments at key National Network jurisdictions. The National Network for Safe Communities' Group Violence Reduction Strategy (GVRS), also known as "Operation Ceasefire," has repeatedly demonstrated that serious violence can be dramatically reduced when law enforcement, community members, and social services providers join together to directly engage with violent street groups to clearly communicate (1) a law enforcement message that future violence will be met with clear and predictable consequences, (2) a community moral message that violence will no longer be tolerated, and (3) a genuine offer of help to those who want it. The strategy's central tool to communicate these messages is a call-in a face-to-face meeting between GVRS representatives and street group members.

Author: Sibylle von Ulmenstein and Bonnie Sultan

Federal Sponsor Agency: COPS

Provider: National Network for Safe Communities, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Publication Date: 2011

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