Fostering Innovation in U.S. Law Enforcement

Identifying High-Priority Technology and Other Needs for Improving Law Enforcement Operations and Outcomes. This report, completed as a joint effort of the RAND Corporation, presents the results of the Second Law Enforcement Advisory Panel, a group convened in fiscal year 2016 as part of the NLECTC Priority Criminal Justice Needs Initiative to identify current challenges and innovation needs in the U.S. law enforcement system. This report and the results it presents should be of interest to law enforcement agencies seeking to make their own improvements, developers interested in learning about which new system capabilities might best be aligned with operational needs, and government researchers and funders interested in investment options that look promising but are too costly and risky for individual agencies to attempt today. This is the fourth in a series of separate sector-level reports on corrections, courts, and law enforcement intended to inform NIJ’s program and research planning. For broader policymaker and public audiences, this report provides a window into problems identified with current law enforcement practices and systems, as well as possible solutions for improving performance going forward.

Author: RAND Corporation, PERF, RTI, University of Denver

Federal Sponsor Agency: NIJ

Publication Date: 2017

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