Policing the Connected World: Using social network analysis in police-community partnerships

This report focuses on the use of SNA in police-community partnerships and how this approach can reduce crime while building local trust. As the authors demonstrate through examples in Chicago, Illinois; New Haven, Connecticut; and East Palo Alto and Stockton, California, gathering information from local residents and service providers allows police to gain actionable insights into which individuals and groups are at the greatest risk of being victims or perpetrators of violence. When law enforcement agencies can target their deterrence efforts, they increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. Moreover, by partnering with area residents to collect information and letting the community know how it will be used, agencies can build support for their crime fighting strategies. In the following pages, readers will find a detailed description of SNA and its use in community partnerships, practical examples of how it can be applied to a variety of common public safety problems, and a discussion of potential challenges.

Publication Date: 2018

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