The Value of Nonfatal Shooting Data- A Police Foundation Webinar

Most law enforcement agencies in the United States do not collect nonfatal shooting data because there is no federal crime reporting requirement. However, nonfatal shootings and homicides are closely related, and analysis of nonfatal shootings can be extremely valuable to departments. Analysis of nonfatal shootings (which occur four times as often as homicides) can serve as part of a larger crime reduction strategy and can help law enforcement better understand the context of local gun violence. This webinar will focus on defining nonfatal shootings, describing data collection methodologies, and discussing how policy and investigations can be enhanced based on nonfatal shooting data. This webinar is intended for police departments that do not collect nonfatal shooting data or those that are seeking to improve nonfatal shooting data collection and use. Police department analysts, researchers, and investigators are encouraged to attend the webinar.

Author: Dr. Beth Huebner and Dr. Natalie Hipple

Federal Sponsor Agency: BJA

Provider: Police Foundation

Publication Date: April 2018

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