Witness Maintenance in Long-Term Violent Crime Cases

Long-term violent crime cases pose many challenges to federal prosecutors. Prosecutors must constantly: direct agents to develop and enhance portions of the case; draft subpoenas, 2703(d) orders, wiretap applications, indictments and prosecution memoranda, capital case submissions and RICO review submissions; and coordinate and schedule grand jury time. In the crush of all of these responsibilities, witness development and maintenance sometimes results in no more than simply meeting the witness, debriefing him or her, and then placing that person in the grand jury, all on the same day.

Author: David Jaffe

Federal Sponsor Agency: DOJ, Executive Office for United States Attorneys

Provider: This article is sourced from the U.S. Department of Justice, United States Attorney Bulletin: June 2017, Volume 65, Number 2

Publication Date: June 2017

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