Crime Prevention Research Review Drug Court's Effects on Criminal Offending for Juveniles and Adults

The objective of this report was to review the effectiveness of various types of drug courts (i.e., adult, DWI, and juvenile drug courts) with respect to future criminal offending and drug use. This systematic review focused on comparing the effectiveness of these programs to "standard" criminal justice system case processing. To determine the impact of drug courts, we assessed elements related to drug courts' effects on recidivism in the short- and long-terms, as well as the relationship between reported drug court findings and study methodologies.

Author: Amy Eggers, M.A., David B. Wilson, Ph.D., Ojmarrh Mitchell, Ph.D., Doris L. MacKenzie, Ph.D.

Federal Sponsor Agency: COPS

Provider: The Campbell Collaboration Crime and Justice Group

Publication Date: 2013

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