Combatting Youth Violence in American Cities

In March 2015, mayors were invited to participate in the development of a report that would serve as a tool for mayors, police chiefs, and school administrators throughout the nation who are committed to reducing youth violence in their cities. The mayors were asked to describe the approaches they were taking to reduce the problem, focusing on the kinds of partnerships that were involved and on the specific activities and practices undertaken to prevent or respond to youth violence in schools and neighborhoods. Comments also were sought on the most difficult problems encountered in implementing or maintaining their activities and practices, the keys to the formation of successful partnerships, and measures of the effectiveness of the approaches being described. Combatting Youth Violence in American Cities. This report contains descriptions of approaches taken to combat youth violence submitted by mayors and other officials in 30 cities of varying sizes (the smallest having a population of about 44,000) and representing every region of the country.

Federal Sponsor Agency: COPS

Provider: United States Conference of Mayors

Publication Date: 2016

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