Law Enforcement Tech Guide for Communications Interoperability: A Guide for Interagency Communications Projects

Building a voice or data communications system that allows police, fire, and emergency medical service agencies to communicate with each other within and across jurisdictions is a complex and costly effort. Revised and updated in 2012, the Law Enforcement Tech Guide for Communications Interoperability is a comprehensive, user-friendly guidebook that provides strategies, best practices, and recommendations for public safety agencies seeking to develop or expand interagency communications projects. It explores technologies in voice and data communications, and provides planning tools to help achieve interoperable communication initiatives. It serves as a companion to the COPS-funded Law Enforcement Tech Guide: How to plan, purchase and manage technology (successfully!), A Guide for Executives, Managers and Technologists.

Author: Dan Hawkins; Revised and updated with contributions by Mallorie F. Teubner and Bonnie B. Maney

Federal Sponsor Agency: COPS

Provider: SEARCH

Publication Date: 2013

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