Drug Market Intervention: An Implementation Guide

This guide provides practical information intended to help law enforcement, community, and social services partners-the strategy's key stakeholders-prepare and successfully execute DMI to close overt drug markets. It discusses the ways overt drug markets damage neighborhoods, contribute to disorder, and negatively affect communities. This publication guides the reader through the processes of partnership formation, police-community reconciliation, dealer notifications, staging call-ins, maintaining closure of drug markets, and delivering services to dealers. DMI is intended to help communities reduce the use of intrusive policing practices, transform neighborhoods, and allow law enforcement to step back and the community to reclaim its voice in how it wants to live. This publication is part of an ongoing series by the National Network for Safe Communities about its two core crime reduction strategies: the Group Violence Intervention and the Drug Market Intervention.

Author: National Network for Safe Communities

Federal Sponsor Agency: COPS

Provider: National Network for Safe Communities

Publication Date: 2015

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