Anti-Human Trafficking Training for Law Enforcement and State Prosecutors

This 3-day training course is designed for Federally Funded Human Trafficking Task Force members, law enforcement officers, investigators, state prosecutors, and intelligence analysts. Law Enforcement and Prosecutors train together using the Enhanced Collaborative Model and structured case planning to investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases. This training is based on a trauma-informed and victim-centered investigation philosophy, and a structured case planning approach that is proactive and multi-disciplinary centered. This comprehensive anti-human trafficking training program is based on nationally successful curriculum designed and delivered by subject matter experts in their fields, utilizing vetted curricula, complex case studies, learning checks throughout the training, and supported with participant guides. This course also includes training on mandatory reporting required of task forces.


Federal Sponsor Agency: COPS Office, BJA, OVC

Provider: Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute

Length: 3 days (classroom)

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