School and Campus Crime

Victimizations occurring at school are an important subset of crime, given the amount of time that young people spend there. While schools (K-12) and post- secondary campuses are relatively safe places, victimization does occur, and the risks vary by context. Adolescents, for example, experience more violent victimizations at school but more serious violent victimizations outside of school (see Child, Youth, and Teen Victimization). And national studies suggest that stalking victimization rates are higher among college-age women than the general population. Concerns over reporting and preventing violence against women, in particular rape and sexual assault, have led to greater focus by campus administrators and policy makers. Regardless of age, students who are victimized at school often have their physical and emotional well-being negatively affected, as well as their ability to learn.

Author: The National Center for Victims of Crime

Federal Sponsor Agency: OVC

Provider: The National Center for Victims of Crime

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